As I not only gammoned, but BACKgammoned Mr. "Expert-Portuguese" ("EAT PIPS! Obviously decriminalizing illicit drugs hasn't helped YOU! BWAH-HAHAHA! YEAH! That's for making Brazillians talk weird!") I realized....

Backgammon is boring. But not as boring as typing minutes for a meeting I did not understand.

Tetris is pretty boring, too, but
less boring than reading a book with "analysis" in the title. My conclusion?

I need a new Web game. Or a fake cover with the word "analysis" in the fake title so I can read trashy novels at my desk without raising suspicion.

I've got the intense computer screen gaze DOWN, the one that could mean "Stuck on a crossword/sodoku" or could just as easily mean "Reconfiguring the database so operations run more smoothly." All I need now is a game worthy of executing it. Something that takes SOME brain power, but not so much that I'll yell "Can't you hold on ONE MINUTE?!?!? JEEZ!!!!" to my boss when she comes looking for me.


I'm jumping on the Blog bandwagon! What better way to research stuff I find fascinating and present it to you, things like Templars and Fruits and Rupert Everett, Mentos and Christ Church and, of course, anything ORANGE!