Couch Gefunden!

The Germans rightly capitalize the word Couch (which means, um, couch, BTW). Shannon and I didn't have a couch, but had deluded ourselves into believing we didn't need one, "we have a perfectly good futon after all", and that we didn't have room for one even if we did.

(what we'd envisioned our apartment
would look like if got a couch)

That didn't keep us from eyeballing couches left deserted in scary alleyways or abandoned at the curb.

(similar to one of the nicer couches we've seen while
"random"ing ("Riordan Death March"ing))

Our superfriend The Nepster challenged our belief by offering us her "old" couch as she was getting a new one. Note I didn't say better. Sure, it's beautiful, but sorry Nepi! I had to wait until we got it safely home before telling you WE GOT THE BETTER COUCH! BWAH-HAHAHAHAHAHA!. Oh! And THANK YOU!!!

I seriously have to learn how to download pictures from my little ELPH so I can show you how incredibly comfy this couch is. It will absolutely oooooooooze comfy waves to you through your computer. I predict Shannon will be living out the rest of his days on this couch, so expect any pictures of him to show him there, labelled "Shannon on Couch" 1 - 190,987,013.

Gesucht and ye shall gefund. Or something like that.


Butternugget said...

I am completely distracted by the idea of stadium seating in my apartment. Brilliant. Granted I think the structure could be executed a tab bit more professionally or at least look nicer (doors or curtain maybe), but damn that is a brilliant space saver and hilarious to boot. You could store/hide any number of things in a structure like this, especially if it had doors. I think it would also be wise to add a back rim or bolt the legs down, otherwise I can see that couch falling off the back. I suspect college or post-college guys (who really like to game into all hours of the night) came up with this idea.

Shannon said...

Ha! You try and oversimplify the German language, implying that the German word for couch is "Couch". That may be true (it is, in fact), but there's ANOTHER word for couch in German: das Sofa. HA! And people assume I had an easy major in college.

I note that you picture of the "stadium seating" sofa has a bunch of computers under it. Considering the Riordan household is now up to 5 computers (with another one coming home today), are you attempting a subtle and snide remard?

And I hope you're not dissin' garbage picking furnature! Because of that, the first furnishings I ever had to actually buy wasn't until I was well into my 30's...

I'd write more, but the soothing idea of the couch has lodged itself in my head, lulling me to lower and lower activity levels.

Rev Transit said...

A third German word for couch or sofa is Das Ranterbett.

For friends of Shaleane, I'll report that Shannon called me on Sunday night all proud that they'd had the couch for two hours and he hadn't yet fallen asleep on it. I agreed that that was indeed an accomplishment for him. In fact, I would have guessed that he'd fallen asleep on it as his wife was carting it up the stairs.

The legend of the new couch makes me want to try it out for size.

Mu said...


(modified Tick reference)