In the New York Times Book Section dated July 9th, 2006 there was a story printed based on an interview with JK Rowling concerning the eagerly awaited As Yet Un-named 7th Book. In this article she hints that two of the main characters will die in book 7 (hinting that one may even be Harry himself!). This teaser didn't surprise me. There had been one loooooooooooooong before Book 6 came out, after all, saying that one of the character's would die and it upset Rowling to tears to have to do it. Flashback to Book 4 when she said the same thing about another of Harry's friends. What surprised me was the audacity of the author of the article referring to Dumbledore's death in Book 6 - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

This revalation surprised me a great deal, because , though I have read it, it seems to me not EVERYONE's read book 6 yet. I mean, Book 7's title has not even been revealed yet! Perhaps there are hundreds of people waiting to crack open book 6 in two weeks on their summer vacation family trip to the north woods, and it was the ONLY thing they were looking forward to doing up there, locked in a cabin with their siblings and their "AFAMILY'SGOTTADOSTUFFLIKETHISTOGETHERALLATIME!!! ISN'TTHISFUN??? GIVEMETHATDAMNCELLPHONE! YOUCANTALKTOYOURFRIENDSWHENYOUGETBACKNEXTWEEK!!! THEYWON'THAVEGONEANYWHEREASFUNASTHIS!!! YOU'LLHAVEPLENTYOFSTORIESTOTELL!!" dads while it rains constantly and they can't go outside because the mosquitos "WISCONSINSTATEBIRD!!! HAHAHAHA!!! GETIT??? WHAT'SWITHYOUANDYOURCRUMMYATTITUDE???CHEERUPORI'LLGIVEYOUSOMETHINGTOCRYABOUT!!!" will pick their bones clean before they can make it to the lake.

Brings a lump to my throat. I feel for those guys. I really do. The one thing they were looking forward to was reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and now some smarmy slick NY reporter who lives nowhere NEAR enough to UpNorth Wisconsin to have been dragged their year after year by well meaning parents had to go ruin which of the Inner Circle of Harry's friends was killed.

Side Note: I love the Harry Potter books, and find them highly entertaining. Although it may be argued that events are sometimes easy to predict, Rowling tells a gripping tale and has a gift for sustaining a story for not pages but books. Long books. The only books I've ever seen my neice or nephew read. My very favorite of her clever touches is the name of Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes. Fawkes is named after Guy Fawkes who was burned at the stake for treason after he and his Catholic co-conspirators were caught rolling barrels of gunpowder under Parliament in an attempt to blow it up, and the protestant King James I of Scotland with it. Every November 5th the English celebrate Guy Fawkes' night, where an effigy of him is burned at the stake surrounded by a roaring bonfire and lots of celebratin'. Of course, Fawkes the phoenix dies in flame, only to be reborn anew. Fawkes is similarly immortal in that every year he's remembered and his effigy burned.

The pope at the time, Paul V, made a statement that Guy Fawkes did not represent the views of all Catholics when he tried to blow up Parliament, by the way. Bad press for the Catholicism, I tell you what.

Incidentally, V from "V for Vendetta" is wearing a Guy Fawkes' mask.

Remember remember the 5th of November....


Rev Transit said...

Nerdish quibble ahead: it's either James I of Great Britain or James VI of Scotland. Same person, of course. James I of Scotland was a different person.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I'd read it wrong - it is King James I of Britain (VI of Scotland) that I was referring to.

Shannon said...

OF COURSE she was refering to King James 1 of Britain - who cares about Scottish "kings"? "I declare meself king of aaaaaaall Scotland! The he-lands an' the lo! Wait! Why are ye all goin' off to Americay e'en tho she's no been discovered yit?"