How I Got Motivated to Go to the Gym

Some people are just go-getters. They have no trouble focusing on why they have to exercise. They are motivated by will alone, by the knowledge that they will feel awesome, or by the fact that if they stay true to their routine and get all buffified, they'll be able to finally be deemed hot enough to set foot on the sexy beach after having sand kicked on 'em last time they even glanced at it.

We've had a membership our neighborhood gym for almost 2 months, but have managed to go only a handfull of times. Twice a week at most. This week I'm determined to go 4 times. Why?

Because if I go 4 times this week, I get to eat chocolate cows on Friday and yell out "RUN AWAY!!!!!" every time I get one on my spoon!!

Bet you didn't realize that part Shannon. Bet you'll be turning off the alarm so I don't get up in time, but I've set my own alarm! And I've hidden it well. BWAH-HAHAHAHA!!!

Being the Python fan I am, I cannot go another week without trying this ice cream.

Okay, it's true, if it weren't Ben and Jerry's, I might be able to hold off, even allow myself to try it after only 3 days at the gym. But Monty Python AND Ben and Jerry's?? That match made in heaven will get me to turn myself into a newt, much less get my butt to the gym a measly 4 days.

I have no idea what I'll do next week...Probably whinge alot. My M.O. on gym days.


Rev Transit said...

If it weren't for Shannon holding you back, you probably would have been going to the gym regularly.

evandebacle said...

There's a gym in our neighborhood?

Mu said...

I usually blame things on weather. "oh, it is far too hot/humid/overcast/lacking oxygen for me to run TODAY. But I will tomorrow for sure!"

Shannon said...

Mu, your standards are too high. I usually say, "Oh, there's weather today! I can't ride in weather!"

evandebacle said...

Shannon, I would think you would go with, "That's my brain telling me to exercise" excuse. "My body just wants to sit here and eat this chocolate bar."

shannon said...

Evan, I can't assume that Mu is enlightened enough to read my blog. The weather excuse, he can understand. An advanced schism between body and brain...might be above his head.