It's hot. Too hot.

I'm too hot and too tired to rant today, so I'm going to Fafblog's archives for Giblets' rant on the hot ol' sun. Enjoy while I immerse myself in an alcohol bath.

Welcome back (again!), Fafblog!


Rev Transit said...

Mmmm, an alcohol bath. What liquor did you use? I'll have to remember that for my next boyfriend. If he's not tasty when he goes into the bath, he's still be tasty coming out.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I recommend gin. It's refreshing with a lime twist in this godawful weather. I'd stay away from liquors like kahlua because it's just too sticky. One arguing point FOR kahlua, however, is it may give your boy a lovely Brazillian glow, so use your own discretion.