The Mackenzie Crook Quiz

Which of Mackenzie's characters said the following?

1) "I don't normally do sloppy seconds, but i judge everything on its individual merits, so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

2) "Poppet."

3) "Bootstrap's Bootstraps."

4) "I can read women. And you’ve got to know their wants and their needs, and that can be anything from making sure she’s got enough money to buy groceries each week to making sure she’s gratified sexually after intercourse."

5) "I dunno. When they go down to the DSS to make a claim, they should set off a fake fire alarm so everyone legs it out of the office, leaving them there. If they're fake, they'll be up and running with you. If they are real, they'll be left there screaming for help. Then you just come back in and say, "It's alright. Don't cry. It's just a test. You've passed. Here's your money." "

6) "This is just like what the Greeks done at Troy. 'Cept they was in a horse instead o' dresses.
Wooden 'orse. "

7) "We go there every Wednesday night, and it's a fun place, but it's full of loose women. My own problem with that is venereal disease, which is debilitating right, especially for a soldier. And it's irresponsible to the rest of your unit as well, right. You've been under attack for days, there's a soldier down, he's wounded, gangrene's setting in, 'Who's used all the penicillin?' 'Oh, Mark Paxson sir, he's got knob rot off of some tart.'"

8) "To blazes with the code."

9) "Yoo-hooo!"

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Shannon said...

That Gareth sure is a charmer.