Move to Grayslake! (And Buy a Dog! (o;)

Laura, Fernando, Trinity, and Kevin

My dear darling friend Laura Gielow and her awesome beau Kevin Bloss will be opening a Doggie Day Care in Grayslake this summer, fulfilling a dream they've been kicking around for over three years but were afraid to consider seriously because it was "too risky." I'm thrilled and excited to say that, after deciding less than a year ago that it was worth it to at least seriously consider the feasibility of realizing their dream, they're about a month away from opening their doors - all of their effort, time, work, and planning are about to show fruit. I have the utmost confidence that if anyone can make this work, they can. Both of them are 100% invested in making their endeavor a success. They are about to join the 10% of us who actually love our jobs.

I've never met anyone who dotes on their pups like they do, and their support of eachother is amazing. I wish them the best of luck, and encourage you, if you can't actually move to Grayslake, please let your friends and relatives there know that Kevin and Laura will be there to take excellent care of their dogs while they're working. They plan to open by the end of August, and I'll of course keep you posted on the exact date.

Here's their website:

I wish you both the BEST of luck!!!


evandebacle said...

I dare them to try to take care of Ignatius.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Trinity - the Yorkie - could totally kick Iggy's ass.

evandebacle said...

Oh, it's on!