Party Ferrets!!!

When the ferrets are loose you have to remain alert and ever vigilant as they get into EVERYTHING. They are the most curious creatures I've ever encountered. Shannon's not sure whether they're really really clever or really really stupid, but they are absolutely fearless.

The surest way to tell when a ferret (or three) is causing trouble is when you listen and hear...Nothing.

Silent ferret activity is the most frightening. Our ferrets often work in cahoots with Donnatella making the noise of three ferrets while Max and Umberto silently get into the worst of mischeif. With Donnatella making all that racket, we often won't realize that Max and Umberto have disconnected the stove until we wake up from our carbon monoxide haze to find the firefighters breaking down our door.

One Friday night, however, Donnatella got drunk on her watch and we discovered the three of them partying their stinky butts off.

Donnatella (Versace) savoring a tasty cold brew on a sultry night

Max staving off the munchies

Umberto (Eco) just ca
n't handle his liquor


evandebacle said...

You are so getting reported to the Dept. of Children and Ferret Services.

Mu said...

I like Eco barfing - nice picture.