Roller Grrlzzz at the Pride Parade

At long last, and with Shannon's help, I've finally gotten my pics from the 2006 Gay Pride Parade off of my Elphish camera. There were quite a few pictures on this memory card, so apparently 512 mb of memory is a wee bit much for my rarely-camera-sportin' self. There were pics from from New Years, and last Christmas, my 16th birthday, some fuzzy ones from around the time of the Kennedy assassination, and some from the 3rd crusade those DaVinci code wackos would just die to get their hands on, including a really rare shot of Richard the Lionheart giving Salah al-din the bunny ears, followed by one of Salah al-din holding up the decapitated head of Reggie deKerak with a classic "WHOOPS!" face. Heh heh heh! What a couple of nutters!

Most of the pics were of something cool, colorful, and/or shiny, partially obstructed by the back of The Nepster's head, so in addition to learning how to download, I also learned how to use the delete button.

I'll start with the cool Nepster-head-free shots. Here are a couple pics of the Windy City Roller Grrrrrzzzzzz, especially for The Peepster:

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evandebacle said...

I know the pirate on the right of the second pic (Annie Maim). She almost kicked my ass once because she heard I had signed up to do GnR at Rory Lake's Karaoke Dreams one night. The situation was defused when it was made clear that I was not, in fact, stealing her specialty "Sweet Child o' Mine," but rather was going to croon "Mr. Brownstone."