And the Blogging Blue Ribbon Goes to....

Catherine Zeta-Jones, shown here high-clapping to avoid having her dress fall off, annonced the Blue Ribbon for Blog of the Week earlier this morning. Shannon's blogs on Gay Terror, particularly the "biojihadists"; the Christological implications of Snakes on a Plane, and his Samuel L. Jackson Challenge, "made me laugh so hard my boobs fell out of my dress and, right then and there, I left my husband for Shannon." Zeta-Jones said.

She was promptly killed by JoJo. Her head can be viewed standing on a pike outside the third office on the right at the Equity office building.

To celebrate the occasion, English avante-garde poet John M. Bennett (pictured below) presented Shannon with a Pabst Blue Ribbon and dedicated a poem to him entitled "Mud Bladder." Bennett tearfully proclaimed that Shannon had inspired him to start writing again after spending the last five years hiding from people like me who drove him from England to Australia because his poems piss us off because we don't understand them.

mud said reaper
lab could laughter
eel said laundry
snore could corner
rust said louder
dorm could folder
beach said cubes
mile could spender
butt said squalor
fit could rammer
heel said haddock
slab could under
lunk said grovel
bond could bladder

"I never said "laundry"....?? I was misquoted!"
- Blue Ribbon Eel


shannon said...

While I am honored to accept the PBR I should note that there are those who might find you somewhere off gavotting in the land of weird.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

It's what I do. And it's Friday!

natural weird tendencies x Friday factor = "....WTF????...."

Rev Transit said...

I don't like the "snore could corner" line, but otherwise that's a nice poem.

Mu said...

Ewwww. You start off a blog with Catherine and end with a disgusting snakey thing. Ick. Have I mentioned I hate snakes? Next time, have a disclaimer : "Blog not intended for those under 18 or for Mu."

evandebacle said...

Didn't I see that eel in Sock Puppet Showgirls? You know, cuz it kinda looks like a sock puppet.

Shannon said...

Okay, it's been almost a WEEK since you blogged. I DEMAND a new blog entry! I DEMAND to be entertained! AMUSE ME! AMUUUUUUUSE ME!