Cherry Flavored...Whisky????

Isn't this just NyQuil poured into a glass bottle and relabelled?? Isn't whisky bad ENOUGH??

....don't answer that, James.

I prefer a whisky that tastes like a timeless peat bog!


Shannon said...

Mmm, the kind of timeless peat bog in which you can find old manuscripts, bits of armor, complete neandertals, and the odd bit of unidentifiable organic matter! Yum!

Rev Transit said...

Shannon gets the nerd prize this weak for spelling Neanderthals without the "h".

Jo, are you saying you don't like the taste of Cherry NyQuil? Because in a pinch, you can mix it with seltzer and it's not bad.

Shannon said...

Duh! It's the Neader valley in which the bones were originally found - in German, "Neader Tal" is "Neander valley". There isn't an "h". I don't know where the "h" comes from? Was there some kind of "h" lobby? Dhid Congrhess ghet invohlved?

Rev Transit said...

Exactly my point. Only a nerd would know all that.