The Flying Buttresses Present : "Om!"

The world-famous Flying Buttresses Improvisation Troupe will be performing at the Beat Kitchen this Sunday afternoon, August 6, at 2PM. Come ready to be inspired, to laugh, to be uplifted, to enjoy a full belly full of yummy pub food which you will so generously purchase from our wonderful sponsor, to feel a part of the community, to drink your choice of beverage from the bar in support of our wonderful sponser, to recharge your karma, and to leave a better person.

The Flying Buttresses do not believe that money can buy happiness, therefore there will be no charge for this blissfull event. Except for that which is charged for the plentiful food and beverage offered from our wonderful sponsor.

The Beat Kitchen is located at 2100 W. Belmont, Chicago. We will provide plenty of street parking for your convenience.


Anonymous said...

I remember that I was planning to write something REALLY obnoxious in your blog, but I forgot what it was, hmmmmmmm. So maybe I'll just quote this phrase "whoever thought that orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed." Yeah, thet'll do, hee, hee, hee.
The Wolfman

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am missing your show on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Viva the Flying Buttresses!
B. P.

evandebacle said...

They suck. And I hear they discriminate against puddles of color.

Mu said...

Where's the funny? I want the funny NOW!