Girlie Pics! *insert wolf whistle here*

People from my last job will probably believe they were right for having thought I was gay for all those years (never dated, think Templars are cool, play video games, hate chick flicks, played D&D in high school, make out with women then never call...) after reading this post, but at least I never had people try to prove it on the internet.

I'm posting these two pics, to use my friend Mugsy's words, they ".... have nothing to do with anything other than I think they're cool and I like them." (I think it's appropriate to use his words because the second one is his (o:).

I wish our laundromat was this quiet so I could wash the clothes I'd worn in while I waited!
I would have brought a magazine, though. She looks like her imagination is keeping her very entertained. Mine would worry an absurd thought like a terrier until I was convinced that I was going to lose my job, all of my in-laws hated me, and I most closely resembled my brother Jimmy.

By the time the dryer buzzer went off, I would look more like this:

FunFact! - Did you know Tammy Faye Bakker is a gay icon?? The things I learn when I'm just trying to find funny pics for my blog!

Leave the Fredricks in the trash on the corner of Hollywood on Hollywood and Vine.
Ladies: if he doesn't think this look is 1,000 times more sexy than crotchless panties and a scratchy, pokey pee-a-boo bra, kick him to the curb - but keep his shirt!

Congrats, Mugsy, on taking the sexiest pic on the Webbernet!

I'll say this pic's related to the first in that the shirt just came out of the dryer, for those of you who require some kind of continuity.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Rev Transit said...

I knew that Tammy Faye Baker was a gay icon.

"The Eyes if Tammy Faye" is a pretty good documentary and portrays her sympathetically. She's always been tight with gay men. IIRC someone in the documentary thought it might be because she's been on the wrong side of people judging others herself. She was one of the first and few televangelists to pray for people with AIDS, too.

Matt Stratton said...

See, this really confused me, because you say "the second one is his", but the second picture I saw was the Tammy Faye picture. And didn't remember ever taking that one.