Dinner Companion

Sunday was my seeeeeeeeeester, MaBob's, birthday, so we took her out to a lovely Italian restaurant in Glenview called Cafe Lucci for dinner. The food was great (I had the scampi - YUM!!!), the Australian shiraz Shannon picked out was lovely, and the price after Momster (via Papa Schuetter) picked up the tab (2/3 of the tip!) was amazingly cheap for the quality of the food and the service.

On our way out the first time (I had to return to retrieve the leftover containers I'd forgotten on the table, so there was indeed a second time), I noticed the occupants of the table that had been seated next to us. There was a man in his, say, 40s and his two kids sitting at a 4-top, leaving the head of the table unoccupied. Or so it appeared at first glance. There was an occupant at the head of the table. Seated to the left of the 40-something male, was...

a black Motorola RAZR.

Now, I realize these phones are expensive. People feel all flash with 'em. They're sleek. They're cool. They're eyecatching - heck, I noticed it! They don't eat much so you can take them to the trendiest, most expensive restaurants without running up your tab. But in my opinion, it's totally rude to have your cell phone occupying any spot on the table when you're out to eat or even when you're eating in. I don't care if the two kids at the table were his kids and he sees them every day, it's disrespectful to them, his having his RAZR "sitting" next to him, it's black casing starkly visible against the pristine white of the tablecloth. It seemed as though he were anticipating a call, ANY call, that he would, of course, HAVE to take, being an important person and all, thus giving his children the impression that anyone on the other end of the line is more interesting than they are. For one, any caller is announced with a catchy tune and brightly flashing lights!

Now, it is possible that he was expecting a call, maybe even a very important call, maybe his wife is in the hospital and he's awaiting any news and that's why she's not at dinner. However, I see cell phones on tables ALL THE TIME, and I'm pretty sure that at the very least most of the tweens who sport 'em tabletop aren't expecting a call from the missus. I can almost hear him talking to his golf buddy, "Hey Rick! Yeah, we're at dinner! Cafe Lucci! Fine, fine. Everything's great. My son's sitting here moping again, though. You should see him glaring at me across the table! What a mope. I can hardly get a word out of him. He's in that "my dad's so embarrassing" phase, and Linny's sitting here dressed like a tramp - honestly, what was Margaret thinking when she bought her this outfit? She's only 8! Hey, Rick, let me call you back. Linny's crying and making a scene again. Yeah! *laugh!* Kids! Alright, I'll see you at 7! Bah!"

UNLESS he was expecting a call from the hospital and was terrified he'd miss it, that phone should have been turned OFF or at LEAST set to "vibrate" and tucked away in his jacket pocket. Heck, he could set it to "vibrate" and put it in his pants' pocket if he wanted a little unexpected excitement.

Cell phones - on tables, in use, or even visible in restaurants - Yet another display of rudeness and disrespect that I'm finding to be alarmingly on the rise in the Chicagoland area - especially the north suburbs. Don't get me started on the drivers in Northbrook. OMG. Let me just warn you to stay far far away of the Village Square of Northbrook's parking lot. I have to brave it once every week or two to get to the PetSmart, and just turning into it raises my blood pressure about 40 points....Luckily my blood pressure is almost dangerously low, so this is a good thing.

The ONLY cell phone that warrants a spot ON the table, yes, at ANY restaurant is.....

the ORANGE!! Motorola PEBL.

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