Halloween Weekend is a SCARY TIME for the 49ers!

The Bears play the whiner-49ers on Sunday - a game that Shannon and I have, of course, bet on - Shannon being a 49ers fan and myself a Bears fan. When the Bears win I get an order of CHEESE FRIES at Portillos! If the 49ers win, Shannon will have to first pinpoint the alternate universe in which it happened. If he can successfully do so, I will have to take him to dinner at The Red Lion Pub and sing a Bears Loser song while dancing an animated Bears Loser dance.

Let's just say I haven't been practicing.

As if things didn't look bad ENOUGH for the 49ers, the Bears will be bringing themselves some (unnecessary, I'm sure!) extra mojo and will also be making the game even MORE watchable to OrangeMoJoJo by wearing:


From Chalk Talk at ChicagoBears.com:

Larry: Are the Bears going to wear orange jerseys this year? If so, what game? I like them!

Sheldahl, Iowa

Ted: I believe that the Bears are going to wear their orange jerseys against the San Francisco 49ers for the second straight season Oct. 29 at Soldier Field. The highlight of last year's game was provided by Nathan Vasher, who set a record for the longest play in NFL history with a 108-yard TD return of a missed field in a 17-9 victory over the 49ers.

I've already decided what I want the next time Shannon and I bet on something and I win. He'd better choose his next bet very carefully!

Look on the bright side, Shannon! The Portillos we'll be going to is located just a few blocks away from the most wickedly awesome decorated haunted house I've ever seen! The fright will help dull your pain, though I'd think, being a 49ers fan and all, you'd be numb to this sort of thing by now....?


Shannon said...

You. Had. Better. Pray. To. Every. God. Everywhere. That. The. 9ers. Don't. Win.

Or life will be very, very hard for you for the next, oh, 10 years. Then it will get worse.

Rev Transit said...

Wow! $300 for an orange Bears uni? Why don't you just wait 3 years for when the Bears go 2-14 again and you'll be able to find one at a thrift store for $3?

Mu said...

I'm pulling for the Niners. If they were allowed to play 15 people on the field at once, they'd clean the Bears' collective clocks.

With the injuries to the Bears, I have raised the Niners chance of winning to 2.78534 percent. Go Niners!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Rev, you asked: "Why don't you just wait 3 years for when the Bears go 2-14 again and you'll be able to find one at a thrift store for $3?"

Because the extra $297 to put Shannon's surname, extended to me on our wedding day, on the back would be so, SO worth it!

Mu said...

I'm not sure Shannon lost the bet - clearly the 49ers did not even show up for the first half of the game. My guess is the Bears dressed up as the Niners and pretended to play, because no one should be able to score 41 points on a pro team in 1 half. The Niners won the second half. Does that count?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

"The Niners won the second half. Does that count?"


The niners were allowed to score 10 points by the all-merciful Bears, who didn't realize the unfair advantage power of their orange jerseys gave them. Against Seattle, the orange jerseys would simply have allowed them to win effortlessly, but against the niners the result was horrifying.

Lovie spotted a tear roll down Nolan's cheek from under his dark shades around the middle of the second quarter, so he asked his team to please let the niners score just into the double-digits so as to save them from the agony of a complete blowout.

Shannon said...

Last I checked, 41 to 10 was still a "complete blowout".