The Official "Be OrangeMoJoJo's Muse!" Contest!

Clio, you know, just thinkin'.

November is National Novel Writing Month and Mugsy has challenged me (or is using me as a motivator - I'm not sure which but I sure took the bait!) to write a novel with a minimum of 50,000 words by the end of November. Thing is, I don't have a CLUE as what to write about. I mean, I've consulted the original Muses and they are giving me all kinds of ideas, but none of them really appeal to me.

Clio believes I should write some historical fiction, maybe something on the Templars, but the research involved....I only have a month! Granted, of the muses, she's had the best idea so far. I really need to get off my butt and start researching, why not use this novel challenge as a vehicle for doing so?

Calliope (above) is of the mind that I should write an epic along the lines of The Odyssey.

Urania thinks I should write a space odyssey.

Thalia thinks I should write a story set in a glorious country setting.

Euterpe thinks I should write the story entirely in verse so I can set it to music (Calliope thinks this is a grand idea and has agreed to collaborate).

Erato, well, I really can't write what she thinks I should write a story about, so it goes without saying that if I can't even print the premise here, I'm not going to be able to sustain an entire novel.

Salma Hayek as Muse in Dogma. I asked the Muses what they thought of her interpretation.
Their responses:
"I would NEVER allow myself to be seen wearing that in public! remarked Melpomene dourly,
"Yeah! Why on earth would she cover up her breasts like that?" replied Erato.

Melpomene wants to collaborate with Thalia and write a Bronte-esque novel. Also intriguing, but we really can't afford my flying over and living in the Dartmoor for the next month when it's at its bleakest.

Polyhymnia was too busy coaching Hildegaard of Bingen on some new harmonies (they're gorgeous!), and Terpsicore was doped up on meclizine after making herself dizzy again. The coherent parts of her suggestion - something to do with a goat, a dancing parasol and a clever Brazilnut - sounded too close to Planter's signature peanut to risk the lawsuit. I don't believe the prize for winning this contest would cover the court costs.

So once again, I need your suggestions! Make them as banal, bizarre or off the wall as you want. If I use any of them, even if used in combination with others, I'll send you a prize of your own, regardless of whether or not I win!


Shannon said...

Since you've got a big head start on it already, why not a "life of the muses" story. I'm seeing a kind of muse-at-college sorority.

Mu said...

Um. You DO realise that 50,000 words it about 200 pages? You are going to crank out about 7 pages/day? Whew. Better see if you can get 14 muses...