Quote of the Day

Actually it was from August, but, so...okay, I'll renomer (is that a word?) it:

Quote of August:

"Well, lookie here Pippi Longstockings -- I'm not going to quit whining. I'm going to whine as much as I want to. Go ahead -- pass some kind of namby pamby UN resolution to try to keep me whine free -- GO AHEAD. See if I care. I'm going to whine my way into the 22nd century full steam ahead, and you can't make me stop!
I reiterate:
So put that in your pipe and smoke it, senor and senora poopypants!"

This was a comment on the cobWeb Fafblog from "thepuppethead" who continued to whine in comment form throughout August.

Yes, yes, I know. Fafblog. I had to, I just HAD to check, just to see if there would be a Halloween treat waiting for me there, but alas! The last posting was STILL July 12, 2006. I know, I KNOW I should let it go and move on with my life, but it's so HARD! I mean, I'm a Leo. I'm loyal to the death. Shannon is counting on my being loyal to the death. Rev wouldn't have married me to Shannon if he wasn't certain that I'll be loyal to the death. The Meiers-Briggs says I'm loyal to the death. Even the Peepster's Greek Mythology Personality Test says I'm fiercely loyal (Daedalus) to the death (implied). So, because I'm fiercely loyal and maybe more than slightly tenacious, and add to that a touch of (healthy! I swear!) obsession, I found myself scrolling through the 332 comments (I didn't read them all! I swear!) attached to Fafblog's last entry, the last of which was posted:


There's a commenter who goes by "An Enquiring Mind" who is currently posting a knock-knock joke in the comments. And s/he's the only one answering. So don't tell ME I have a problem! HA HA!! There's someone out there who's even worse than I am!!

So, though obviously I'm having a hard time saying "goodbye" to Fafnir, Medium Lobster and most of all Giblets; there are several, SEVERAL who have been visiting on a regular basis chatting amongst themselves while trying to coax the three back to blogdom. One of them has created an "I MISS FAFBLOG!" blogspot of his or her own.


One of the comments that made me laugh out loud:

"Dear Fafnir,
You suck. I hate you.
Regards, Bob."

Sums up my feelings pretty good.

I DO miss Fafblog. *sniff* *tear*

But not enough to rename mine to anything other than Orange!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!

Montag said...

Have faith. One day Fafblog! will return - and all of the Faful will awaken, their skin again flush with aliveness. And there will be no more slow torture of stalking aimlessly through town, hungering for brain.

Until then, you have a link in the blogroll at I Miss Fafblog, Spot! to calm your inner zombie.

Anonymous said...

Happy Dia de los Muertos!