Shalene's Shortest Bet EVER!

aka: "If You Blinked, You Missed It!"

aka: "JoJo Needs A New Pair of Boots!"

Late last week Shannon and I *gasp!* made a bet. (I know!!! Shocking!!). Okay, it was more of a pact really, with bet-like outcomes. We have been HORRIBLE about going to the gym (mainly thanks to Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Just ONE MORE EPISODE! I SWEAR I can turn it off ANY TIME!! C'mon!!!!!")), so we decided (again) to challenge ourselves and eachother by agreeing to go to the gym 3 times a week. The twist? UNLESS we went three times a week, we wouldn't get to eat ANY junk food. This is similar to the bet we made LAST month dubbed by Rev as "the stupidest bet ever," but with a twist: as long as we were good and went to the gym, we could eat ANYTHING WE WANTED. We could even eat junk food starting on Sundays on credit with the understanding that if we didn't go to the gym three times that week, we'd lose the bet. Oh, and we couldn't go twice in one day, like, before and after work. That would be cheating. And we defined the weeks as beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday. This is key to the whole noshing on credit thing. If I lost, I'd owe Shannon a weekend at Chanticleer. If HE lost, I would get a pair of shoes at Traipse. I know, Chanticleer versus a pair of BOOTS???? *sigh* Unless you're LaLa, you just couldn't understand my boot fetish. I would die a very happy woman if I could just find the pair Eddie Izzard is wearing below. I have a feeling that he shares my large calf affliction.
So why is it I was able to eat a hunk of chocolate mousse cake last night without concern for losing the bet, you ask? It was only Monday! I couldn't possibly have gone to the gym three times, even if I had cheated and went more than once in a day.... Sure I could have been eating cake on credit (sounds like a good band name - Cake on Credit), but would I risk that?


But that's not what happened!I have lost so many bets in a ROW to Shannon, including the one where I would have SWORN that Derek Jacobi was in that "Gethsemane" episode of Babylon 5, or the time I bet that the allosaurus was larger than the tyrannosaurus, not to MENTION losing last month's bet by eating a taste of ice cream no bigger than a peanut, I just have to backtrack to Saturday and revel in this win! It may never happen again!

Saturday we went to the GRAND OPENING OF THE NEWEST CENTRAL BARK LOCATION in Grayslake to wish our friends Laura and Kevin THE BEST OF LUCK!!! Judging from the turnout on Saturday, they're going to do really well. Shannon and I were really impressed with their space - it's bright and HUGE and sports lots of ORANGE! On the way home, I decided to get off at the exit for Long Grove Village to take Shannon to the Apple Haus, located on Coffin Rd. - how tres Halloween-y! - for a mini carmel apple pie. I was planning on eating one on Sunday on credit. Little did I know I wouldn't have to wait that long!

Long Grove is a really neat place full of unique shops located in barns and old houses. It's worth a visit - if you can find it (I ALWAYS get lost trying to find it! I kind of circle around it in an ever-closing spiral until "HEY! There's the covered bridge! WHEW!"). We wandered about the shops, found a really cool furniture store where Shannon found the Christmas gift he wants from my brother, and we of course had to pay a visit to the Long Grove Confectionary, even though neither of us planned on buying anything there.

We each wandered in a different direction in the Confectionary and met back up near the door. Near the back of the store, by the registers, they were giving away free samples of chocolate covered prezels. I had to catch myself from trying to grab a piece, which would have cost me the bet. What a drag that would be - losing two bets in a row for eating a tiny bit of junk food.

Isn't it Shannon? A drag I mean? You see, Shannon popped a tiny piece of chocolate-covered pretzel - not even a whole pretzel, not even a QUARTER of the size of a mini-pretzel - into his mouth before realizing what he was doing, and thereby lost the bet. I lost the last bet with only 24 hours to go, and he lost not two days into it. We've both got the best willpower when it comes to junk food, and each lost from ingesting the smallest amount. We're well matched, my man and I!I honestly don't intend to collect on this bet. It just makes me happy to have won for almost exactly the same tiny amount of junk food I'd lost for last time (how poetic!!!). If I did choose to collect, though, I'd be tempted to opt for these Shan-tastic boots for the name alone! Too bad they can't spell!


Shannon said...

Just to redeem myself:

Jo - remember that bet about JetBlue being the dirtiest airline? That the 10 point scale was about how dirty an airline is? Nope.

"Her company surveys passengers about airline cleanliness, and this year the top-ranked carrier — JetBlue — received an 8.49 on a 10-point scale.

But in Hirneise's opinion, "anything below a nine is flunking." "

Remember that bet on this one? Remember that you now owe me Dinkels?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Crap. Here's the link to that article:
I do owe you Dinkel's! But that's nothin to the Portillo's Cheese Fries you'll be owing ME on Sunday when the Bears destroy the 49-ers! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmchhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezefriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiesssssssssss

Butternugget said...

FYI-J. Crew has had in the past (as I own a pair) very similar shaped boots in leather (so not quite as sleek) AND they made an "extended calf" size for no more cash than the skinny ones. I too have big calfs.

Currently the closest they have is the Melrose High Boot, which has a pointy toe, but it has a much shorter heal, so not quite as dramatic.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Thanks for the tip, ButterNugget! My toes, unfortunately, get all squished in pointy-toed shoes. I wish the J Crew "Quinn" (I added the pic second from the bottom) came in a "healthy" calf size! Stupid having strong legs!