Rico Latte - The Best Coffee House I've Never Been To!

A few months ago, Mu and Meepy brought me an awesome ORANGE!!! (not shiny) t-shirt from Rico Latte, a coffee shop not too far from their home in Ohio. I *heart* this shirt.

I'm thinking now that my car has gotten a clean bill of health, new tires to replace the balding separating ones, and an updated 20G iPod chock full of Off Broadway, Queen, the Scissor Sisters, "Weird Al," and They Might Be Giants; we might have to take a road trip to Ohio to check out this ORANGE friendly, awesome-hot-chocolate-sportin', fair trade friendly, WiFi providin', hotspot within the next few months. It's never too far to drive for a good cuppa coffee. Maybe we could get to Fools to perform in their small performance space!

Besides, now that we have no kitties of our own to spoil with affection, we can spoil our neice and nephkitties! Why does Emma hate me?

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Mu said...

Emma acts like she hates everyone. She has started recently growling at things that are not there. As in, she is lying on the bed purring and half asleep, then growls several times. I assume she is staying in practice.

An Ohio trip would be fun!