Today's Work-a-Day Commute

View out my car window during my commute this morning

So yeah! I COULD take the train.... But why would I do that when I've got a car? With new back tires with TRACTION no less!

My commute this morning took me almost two hours, but I didn't mind. It's Chicago. Yes, it's snowing - hard - but I expect it. It happens EVERY YEAR. Really! For serious! And yet every year people freak out....50% of our offices are dark because people "couldn't make it in." I envy them their day off, hanging about at home sipping hot cocoa, extending their weekend by a day while I type up minutesssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...But if I can get to work, I get to work. I blame my mom for my work ethic, her and her: "Sure I have a migraine that is so painful I have to keep checking the mirror to make sure my head isn't really splitting open, but I can sleep when I get home! Just lead me to the door - I can't see so good from under this huge comforter I've covered myself with which to keep out any trace of light and to muffle as much sound as possible from my overamplified eardrums...."

So anyway - I had my coffee, my Podfreq so that I could listen to my iPod clearly through 107.1, (EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS IDEA!!!!), a few novels, a couple of foreign film DVDs I knew Shannon wouldn't be interested in - I was set for a long drive. Unfortunately, it appears that, somehow, the Cook County/Lake County authorities did NOT expect snow, DESPITE the fact snow warnings have been in effect for this date since, like, March. I could not believe how crappy Lake Cook Road was. It's a ginormous, incredibly busy, very high traffic road, for those of you who've never been north of Foster except to go to Great America on the tollway.

I had considered taking the train this morning, but thought, what the heck! I take only major roads all the way to work, and our officebuilding has it's own plow, evidenced by the AWESOME 25-foot pile of snow outside my window. I'm glad it's over 100 feet away or it would be a little frightening.

Turns out that despite the months of warnings, the streets on my commute - Lincoln, Howard McCormick, Old Orchard Rd., the 94 - were barely plowed.

Except for Kedzie. The stretch of Kedzie from Lincoln to Howard, for some unknown reason, was amazingly clear.

Kedzie Ave. An oasis of plowed road

I wish I worked on Kedzie....

I, of course, was cut on my way here. Twice. BOTH times by women on their cell phones in their SUVs and BOTH on the North Shore within 4 blocks of eachother. I honked at the first one because she came REALLY close to hitting me, and I was barely able to brake enough to let her in. Man, did she look startled to even see me there! She seemed not to realize they still make cars smaller than 3000 cubic feet. I really hope I didn't interrupt her stunning conversation! Oh! Nope! She's still blathering away.....

The second one I didn't honk at, noting from the clean and shiny exterior of her Lexus that she must have traveled, oh, I don't know....18 feet? from her garage, so I figured she was going to do something stupid. Sure enough....She pulled into my building's parking lot, went down the aisle I was about to turn into after passing it, drove down about 20 feet, and just....stopped. I waited about 20 seconds then finally went around her and parked across the lot where they'd plowed.

I think she may still be there waiting for some man to come and shovel out a spot for her, guide her into it, and then carry her to her office..... Almost all the men I work with called in today, so she could be there until May.

Did I mention I wish I worked on Kedzie?


rev transit said...

Sorry, Jo, but I'm just having trouble feeling sorry for you because I feel so sorry for myself. Sure, it's true that my walk to work took 11 minutes instead of 10 (and Shannon could have made it walking in 3 minutes). And it's true that the little extra water on my shoes wasn't really such a hassle.

But, Jo, our coffee machine is still broken and it's 1pm!!!!!!!!!!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

"But, Jo, our coffee machine is still broken and it's 1pm!!!!!!!!!!"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call the Better Business Bureau NOW!!! That is UNACCEPTABLE!!! I can't IMAGINE walking 11 minutes to work only to find the coffee machine is broken!!! You win. Hands down!

Mu said...

I do not miss Chicago drives AT ALL, let alone in winter. Our winter is a'comin'. The temperature is dropping quickly, and the 50 m.p.h. winds are interesting. I'm thinking about hiding in bed all day Saturday.