Whatever Happened to Tom Hulce?

Do you remember Tom Hulce?He's the guy that played Mozart in Amadeus. For those of you who had high school crushes on his Mozart in high school (I know who I am! erm, I mean, You know who you are!) you also remember him as cute'n'sweet Larry from Animal House. Though he's done a couple dozen other film and tellie appearances, I stopped seeking him out after the tedious Dominick and Eugene. The acting was excellent, but without the tights and high-pitched hyena laugh...At least in Animal House he was wearing a toga for a while.

I came across Hulce twice today, which gives me great hope as sign that his career is rebounding. The first time was when I was doing an imdb.com search on Simon Callow. We saw him play the most brilliantly wonderful evil villian I may have ever seen in the Masterpiece Theater rendition of Wilke Collins' The Woman in White, Count Fosco. See the movie. Read the book. Both are EXCELLENT. Callow looked (and sounded) sooooooooo familiar...., I had to look him up. Turns out he played Papageno in Amadeus - link to Hulce #1. I remember Callow best, though, for his role as the brightly-colored waistcoat-wearing Gareth, Matthew's partner, from Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The second time I came across Hulce's name was when I did some research into a film I'm really looking forward to seeing, despite it's starring Will Farrell (Let's just say.....NOT a big fan of Will Farell) called Stranger than Fiction. This movie also stars Emma Thompson (reason number one for wanting to see it) and - Tom Hulce (now a close reason #2.).

Hopefully he'll give us a tiny wink and a nod to his brilliant role in Amadeus by letting out just the slightest hint of his hyena laughs....

I'm off to Seattle for the rest of the week, so I won't be blogging until at least Monday. This will give you time to see Stranger than Fiction and report back to me when I return.


Shannon said...

Heeey! You had a crush on Mozart?!!!? Just cause some guy has a tenory-high-pitched laugh? Man, glad you dropped THAT preference!

Anonymous said...

Uh, like, rock me Amadeus?


Sadie Surrender said...

I have that t-shirt, Rock Me Amadeus. When I wear it, I gets lots of compliments. Mozart was a rock star in his day.