Can You Hear Me Now? You TURNED DOWN the iPhone??

My feelings towards Verizon are slightly torn at the moment. According to Consumer Reports, they offer the best service in Chicagoland, and I can honestly say I've been nothing but happy with them since I switched from Cingular - not an easy decision for me to have made considering Cingular's cute little logo dude is ORANGE!!

Cute! No service!

When I remember being on hold with "customer service" for well over half a ferrets' lifetime during the course of my contract, I breathe a little sigh of relief and realize that no phone in the world, not even the mega-cool-awesome iPhone, will get me to switch back. I'm actually a little thankful that they turned down the opportunity to carry the Apple iPhone. Since I am very happy with Verizon's service, there's no way I'll switch back to Cingular simply to purchase the iPhone, so they just saved me half a grand.


ON THE OTHER HAND, Verizon does not offer the Motorola PEBL, which I think is just the cutest phone EVER!!! And if I don't get one I might just DIE!!! And It comes in the perfect shade of ORANGE!!!!

Not cute, annoying really, but great service.
Can YOU hear ME now?? Carry the PEBL!!!

But alas they're offered exclusively through T-Mobile. T-Mobile's service is rated far higher than Cingular's, but their logo is just, well, BORING!
Not cute. Okay service. Carries cutest phone EVER!

The iPhone sounds totally cool, and Apple puts out a great product, but I would hesitate to purchase one even if Verizon had taken Apple's offer to carry the iPhone exclusively. I know I end up carrying more stuff, but I'd rather have a separate iPod, phone and camera - each of decent quality - rather than a combo-meal, all-in-one cameraphoneMP3playermicrowavejetpack. If my camera breaks, I send it in to be fixed or get a new one, I won't have to endure the inconvenience of having to send in the equivalent of three devices at once. Plus, the cameras in cameraphones are next to useless unless you have a subject standing very very still less than 3 feet away.

Aethelred is never very still.

Speaking of Apple products, I remember being disappointed when the iPod Mini was not offered in ORANGE, even though I already had a 20G iPod and didn't really need one. They've apparently heard me griping and realized they'd lost a sale because the iPod Shuffle is now available in this most awesome of colors!

That's my girl! Second from the left. Hello, gorgeous!!

OR, if I decide to purchase another white iPod when mine dies (the battery is, of course, toast), I can have it engraved in ORANGE! So I really don't need the iPhone. Really.

But I do need the PEBL.


Shannon said...

Ah, the PEBL...

Remember the LAST phone you got because it was "cute"? The one that looked like birth-control pill containers and was horrible to use?

Something about learning from history or doomed to repeat it?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

That was TOTALLY different!! I've learned since then! Honest!! They didn't even offer an orange faceplate!


....it really did look like a packet of birth control pills.

Matt Stratton said...

Actually, I haven't heard ANYTHING good about the PEBL - I was considering it when my RAZR died, but it just seemed like it would be more of the annoyances I had with the RAZR, but in a neater looking case.

I too am upset about the Cingular-only nature of the iPhone, but the truth is, I'm a little happy. If Tmo offered it, I'd be buying one in a few months, which would completely go against my rule of never ever buying Rev A versions of Apple products. By the time I can get one for Tmo, it will be in Rev B. Plus, I'll be tired of my Pearl by then.

That being said, I really do like the Pearl - I will like it even more once the BlackBerry version of the Missing Sync is released - the PocketMac thing is kind of crappy, and doesn't work over Bluetooth.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I agree - Bluetooth capability is a must.

That Blackberry Pearl looks WAY cool! AND you can buy an orange case for it! ooooOOOOOoooooo!!! Stupid TMobile has ALL the cool stuff. I'm glad you're loving your new Pearl!

Honestly, I do love my Motorola e815, which is a good thing because my plan won't expire for about another year or so. It rated highest (again, according to Consumer Reports) when I was comparing phones and plans. The PEBL doesn't even show up! Of course they don't report ratings for "CUTE!!!" I really have no idea what I'll do when my current plan expires. They're saying now that Samsung and LG are rating highest, but I'm really happy with Motorola. The Blackberry 7130e looks very cool, but it's probably more than I'd need.

What do you think of the SmartPhones - Motorola Q, Treo, Samsung SCH i730...? I've got ALOT of time to think about this, but the idea of having a little keyboard (QWERTY?) for email/blogging would be really cool. How does the SmartPhone compare to a Blackberry?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

ooooOOOOooo! I just saw the "broadband access" on the Blackberry and most of the SmartPhones. And tehy all have available orange cases. This could be dangerous. In about a year.

Matt Stratton said...

A BlackBerry (especially the Pearl) is basically a "smartphone" as well. The main difference is that it runs the BerryOS (I think that's what it's called) instead of Windows Mobile.

Just to be clear - my Pearl does have Bluetooth - I just can't sync it with my Mac over Bluetooth right now.

I have had the Pearl for a week now. And I have to tell you, I'm loving it so far. Especially some minor features I didn't even know where there. For example, the other day I got an email with a MS Word attachment. I saw the email on my BB, but thought "well, what a bummer, I will not be able to read this attachment until I get to a computer." But then I saw a little link to "open attachment", I tried it, and discovered that voila, the BB apparently has a Word reader.


OrangeMoJoJo said...

I'm sorry, I knew that your Blackberry came with Bluetooth, I was just stressing that that was the one capability I definitely needed in a phone. Just don't ask me when I last charged my Jabra and then compare that to the time I've used my phone while driving.

Mu said...

Cell phones....making....me.....angry
Iconoclast SMASH PHONE! iPhone CONFUSE Iconoclast! Orange phone SMALL! Bad reception make Iconoclast ANGRY. Smash ALL cell phones! SMASH!

Butternugget said...

You shouldn't worry about missing the orange guy logo. It is being phased out, soon orange guy will be no more and AT&T will rule the world.