"Hello, Welcome to Being a Chicago Sports Fan, Honey"

I started writing this post in response to a couple of recent blog entries and their comments, and I just kept going on... and on.... and on......, so I decided to spare their readers and bore the hell out of you instead! You lucky devil!

I had to search out a rant my friend Mugsy posted last spring. He, a Cubs fan, was disgusted (as I'd so cleverly ascertained by his subject line: "I'm So Digusted") at how Chicago baseball fans hated on eachother. I think you, Peepster, will most enjoy the fact that he uses the word "fucktard."

At the time of the posting, I had little sympathy. I too hate most Cubs fans! They steal the best parking spots within miles of Wrigley Field!! I developed and nurtured my hatred over a two-year period when I frequented the Annoyance and IO and couldn't find a spot within walking distance to save my life when a Cubs game was going on, forcing me once to pay $15 to park when Cubs TRAFFIC had made me late in the first place! Talk about adding insult to injury! I'll never forget you you rat bastard in the powder blue Ford with the Cubs bumper sticker who pulled into my spot after I'd pulled ahead and put my blinker on to back into it and was waiting for you to pass!! YOU I hate. You, sir, are a fucktard.

Hearing the grumblings throughout the football season growing louder and louder, growing to a crescendo during the playoffs about us "stupid misguided nostalgic Bears fans" who are "trapped in 1985" and who should realize their team really sucks and will most certainly lose to (*insert name of next team to be played here*) because the Bears really are inferior to (*insert name of next team to be played here*), has really given me pause. I now, with right hand over heart, give a nod to Mugsy in understanding. Just as I don't hate Mugsy (he takes public transport! Or, due to the depth of his love of the Cubs, he actually rents apartments within walking distance to Wrigley Field! He's never even OWNED a blue Ford, and if he did, he'd have the sense NEVER TO TELL ME!), I can't really be lumped in with the 7 Bears fans who "claim Ditka as their mouthpiece." I do remember the 1985 season, and it was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME to live in (or in my case, near) Chicago at the time. I'd been a Bears fan before then, though. I remember writing a lovely essay on Papa Bear Halas in grade school. It was there that I first lamented that there were too many pads in todays uniforms so the game wasn't as challenging as it was in Papa Bear's day. That's probably what lead me to my love of rugby. In the beginning it reminded me of olde-tyme football where the players were slightly padded and paid little before I realized that it was a completely different game.

...but I digress. That's another posting.

Anyway, I TRIED to love other teams (mainly the Raiders) from 1989-2000 - an effort that essentially just ended up in my losing interest in football altogether. I'm a Bears fan. It doesn't really matter "why" a fan is a fan - a fan is a fan because s/he's a fan. I'm surprised and a little miffed by the anti-Bears-fan talk I've been hearing of late. Of COURSE we're going to whine about RexMan when he throws several interceptions in one game! What fan of what team would NOT fret about the competence of their quarterback if he threw several interceptions in one game? It's a WORRY! We want him to be consistent! (I know you've heard this argument before, but): He's being payed MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to complete passes! And we want him to complete passes BECAUSE: we fans want to cheer for our team. We LOVE to cheer for our team, we don't want to feel "if that pass was only completed, we might have won...."

...as I'm sure you don't if your QB makes an incomplete pass. Or two. Or three?!??? FOUR?!?!?!?

Feeling that way once during a game is a bummer, feeling it 4-5 times is almost sickening.

I'll admit - outside of a few sources I'd read for Halas' biography - I don't read about football. I don't claim to understand or care about statistics. My main concern with the game is that I think the Bears' uniforms should be more ORANGE!!! less blue. (Better yet, they should wear their special Halloween-game ORANGE!!! jerseys at all home games.) I can't name 1/3 of the team. But I'm really really REALLY happy when they win!

As I'm sure you are when your team wins! The difference may be that I'm happy for you (unless you're the driver of a powder blue Ford) when your team wins, even though it may have meant the loss of my team.


GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest! I don't even know what I was on about anymore....Ah, yes. Please excuse me - I have a license to run on a blue Ford. I remember there was a 3, or maybe an 8....that should narrow it down...


revtransit said...

Budica drives a blue Ford when you're at work.

Mu said...

Jo would drag 10 Fords out of the way with her teeth to make a parking space for The Queen, if said Queen actually deigned to drive. It is much better to have the bipeds wait on your every whim.

Shannon said...

I woke up with a backache this morning from having to twist my body to accomodate the massive amount of cat (no, I'm not calling her fat) that was taking up literally half of the foot of the bed.

The Queen, indeed.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Sleeping with Queen Budica is definitely an exercise in flexibility, much like yoga. If I could get her to let me hold her, I could use her as a weight and work on my strength, too:


OrangeMoJoJo said...

Or for a more serious cat workout: