LaLa's Getting MARRIED!!!

My wonderful dear awesome friend Laura called last night to tell me that she and her beau Kevin are getting married at the end of April! They've been together for 3 years, have started a business together, are amazingly compatible, and take excellent care of eachother. I love how happy Kavin has made Laura over the years, and know they'll be happy for many many MANY years - a lifetime, in fact! - to come!


The family: Laura, Fernando, Trinity, and Kevin

Laura and Kevin will be registered at Central Bark. Buy a dog, move to Grayslake, and register your dog at Central Bark Doggie Day Care. Or purchase doggie things from their wholesaler and bring them in to stock the shelves in their doggie boutique! Or pick up a snazzy shirt or rad cap for your bipedal self in their boutique while your puppy gets pampered in the doggy salon!

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