OrangeMoJoJo Is Determined to Get Healthy!

After suffering a 5-day migraine last week without even having touched a drop of alcohol on New Year's Eve coupled with a lack of energy of late, I'm determined to eat healthier and start working out.

No, really. This time I mean it, and I'm enlisting the help of both the Bally's and MyPyramidTracker websites to attain my goal of a healthy weight, more energy, and a sleeker physique.

Hey, Peepster! She's from Vancouver!

It takes a few minutes to get set up, but if you want to see if you're eating right, it's totally worth the 5 minutes to get your profile up and running on the free mypyramidtracker Website. This Website has you input what you've eaten and drank over the last 24 hours to start, then you can build on it from there to see how you're doing over time. I plan on updating my information regularly to make sure I'm eating a healthy diet, and I thank them for not noting the fact that my diet yesterday consisted of 60% fat on this page. Once you've entered your food/bev intake, you will be supplied with a comprehensive breakdown of how much fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals you're ingesting in a page of your very own. There is also a page for you to enter your physical activity, which was running too slowly for me to test.

To get started, go to: www.mypyramidtracker.gov

Here's what I scored from entering what I ate over the past 24 hours - and I skipped a meal!

Comparison of Your Intake with
MyPyramid Recommendations for: OrangeMoJoJo

Your Pyramid Stats

Milk Intake 1.1 cup equivalent
Milk Recommendation 3 cup equivalent

Meat and Beans Intake 2.8 oz equivalent
Meat and Beans Recommendation 5.5 oz equivalent

Vegetables Intake 0.7 cup equivalent
Vegetables Recommendation 2.5 cup equivalent

Fruits Intake 0 cup equivalent
Fruits Recommendation 2 cup equivalent

Grains Intake 6.3 oz equivalent
Grains Recommendation 6 oz equivalent.

I also intend to work out at least three times a week. It's common sense that eating healthier combined with exersize produces the best, quickest, most lasting results; but nowadays common sense has to overcome the coziness of Shannon AND two awesome beautiful soft purring Maine Coon kitties! I'll have to envision it as a Star Wars (Episode IV+) test of will in order to succeed.


Mu said...

Or a Star Wars 1-3 test of will - the will to actually sit through them.

I found out my ideal weight (gleaned from several websites) is 170 pounds. Only 15 more to go...

Rev Transit said...

My ideal weight is 205. That's according to Minnie. She has some kind of algorithm she uses that mostly depends on the softness of your lap.

Shannon said...

"Or a Star Wars 1-3 test of will - the will to actually sit through them."

No sane person has that much will. I'm a sci-fi NERD and I still haven't seen all 3. Ick.

My ideal weight is whatever makes Mu feel fat.