Best Valentine's Day Gift EVER!!

This morning Shannon and I shovelled out about 11 spots (Shannon - 7; Jo - 4) on our street in lieu of our morning workout. We were out there for over an hour and the time flew FAR faster than it does in the gym! I should really reread Einstein's theory of relativity. Anyway, Shannon started with my car, which iwas a Valentine's day gift in and of itself. Since he doesn't have a car, I buried him with snow when he wasn't looking and then dug him out. Man, was he happy to see me!

He went above and beyond this past Sunday, however, by having us duck in to The Chopping Block during our walk, "for no reason." He immediately spotted what he was looking for - the Batalli ORANGE!!! peppermills - and grabbed one. Luck was smiling on us as there was one of the larger grinders on clearance in the back! It was there for no reason but that there was a slight mar on the top, possibly from being scorched. I didn't even see it at first. It works fine!

I tried to get a picture of the actual peppermill with one of our myriad pets, but none of them was cooperative (might have been a mistake actually filling it before trying to pose a cat with it!). This is the best I could do without using PhotoShop:

Thank you, Shannon!! Happy Valentine's Day, LoveOfMyLife!


Shannon said...

I counted 13 cars we cleared out, actually - if you include "Da Boss" Saab that we did about 80% of.

The pepper grinder wasn't really meant to be a V-day gift...but...no..wait! Yeah! Yeah it was! Um. ;)

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Look at how BLUE Aethelred's eyes were in that pic! And how short his tail was!

Shannon said...

Look at how not a pain-in-the-butt he was! Ahhh, how quickly they grow up!