Grrrr! Arrgh!

A Valentine's Day Gift for Shannon!

To Date I've Only Seen the British Version of
The Office. I mean, why mess with perfection? I love Steve Carell, but how could you get more uncomfortable than Ricky Gervais as the Slough branch manager?

I've a feeling, however, that as of this Thursday night. When Joss Whedon. Directs. The Office., we'll be putting the American version in our Netflix queue.

This news came just after Whedon's announcement that he won't be directing Wonder Woman after all. Softens the blow but lightly.

Shannon and I don't have an antenna or cable hookup - we subsist solely on DVDs sent to us from our two main sources: Netflix and Mu. Aside from Battlestar Galactica
(click HERE to see BG characters done in a Simpsons style by one creative LiveJournalist), which we purchase literally the DAY they're released on DVD (oh when oh WHEN will Season 3 be released??? Holy frack I'm sick of waiting!!), we have next to no clue about what's going on in TV land.

Thank you, Mugsy,
for giving us non-TV-watchers the heads-up!

Will Summer Glau be making an appearance on The Office?
I didn't much care for Firefly, but I was fascinated by River!


Matt Stratton said...

You really should watch the NBC The Office. I know what you mean about "messing with perfection", but the brilliance of the NBC version is that it's its own show, in its own right. They are not remaking the British - they simply took the same concept and ran with it in an American environment. The pilot of the NBC version was the same script (basically) as the BBC pilot, but other than that, they are all new stories and new characters (although things from the BBC occasionally would pop up in the first season, here and there). I love the BBC Office. I also love the NBC Office. They are both great shows that, frankly, no longer have anything in common other than Ricky Gervais being involved, their name, and their setting.

And as someone who DOES watch BSG on the air, let me tell you that you didn't miss a frackin' thing this Sunday. Although when you do get Season 3 on DVD, you will crap you pants at the awesomeness that is "Exodus Part II".

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Plasticoat the furniture before watching season 3, episode 4 - got it!