HA! It's NOT Just Me!

Shannon and I have an ongoing war every winter.... okay,okay! Every time it drops below 50 degrees! Sheesh! ... over the radiator in the front room. I like to be warm and comfy, and he likes to try and create an antarctic environment that would be welcoming to penguins that have gotten hopelessly lost by following the directions on MapQuest.

I now have photographic PROOF that it is TOO COLD in here when the radiator is turned off.

Here are pictures of Mere and Mu during their visit to meet Bu and Aethelred (and to see us, of course!) in January. They spent the entire weekend covered in blankets and animal skins.


Shannon said...

Meredith, like you,generally feels cold. Mu doens't seem all that covered up by token blanket. I'm taking the Riordans (Ohio branch) as a draw.

The cats seem to prefer the cold - notice how they both try to hang out on the back porch? You can practically hear them begging, "Please...it's too hot in here!" Poor kitties!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Mu is wearing LONG SLEEVES!! He only wears long sleeves when it's 8 below! He said so in his blog.

Mu said...

My....Mu....what an attractive loin cloth you have...

(heh heh heh...now Shannon AND Jo will not be able to sleep).