It's Shiny, Orange, and Full of da SPICE!

Our pepper grinder, though totally cool, does not work all that well.
For some reason the matching salt grinder works wonderfully, but the apparatus in the pepper grinder only lets loose a few measly bits at a time. That's okay, though - I figured I was working off a coupla dozen extra calories a month shaking the thing like mad to maybe jar it into action. I did even succeed once in a while!

Then one fatefull day, I received an e-mail from cooks.com informing me that a peppermill had been designed especially for ME! by some guy named Mario Batalli. He even signed it for an extra $50 bucks!

Notice he chose only to sign the orange model? This guy's got taste!

Mario is shown below, smiling because he's holding a way cool, shiny orange peppermill! He's saying, "if you're having a bad day, all you have to do is cradle your peppermill. Grins all 'round!"

Below that pic he and demonstrates that his peppermill can be used with the touch of your fingertips. Such a contrast to the "shake-and-choke-and-curse-and-pray-and-threaten" method required by my current pepper grinder, that usually culminates in my grabbing the stale jar of McCormick's ground pepper when Shannon isn't looking.

"One clockwise click and VOILA!
My peppermill
administers the EXACTLY PRECISE amount of
pepper and orange butter honey mustard mousse to your grilled tuna steak!"

I did some checking and have found that this pepper grinder had dropped in price to $59.99!! That's three more dollars I've saved on this item I so obviously need!

Seriously, though - can anyone recommend a really decent pepper grinder? It doesn't HAVE to be orange, as long as it has a paintable surface.

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