Newest Culinary Craze

Mutated purple potatoes:

These are potatoes bred from seeds that had mutated while being carried aboard a Chinese spacecraft. Call my palate "pedestrian," but I'd rather have my spuds imported from Idaho rather than from a galaxy far, far away....Maybe I just watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers one too many times as a kid, or I took The X-Files way too seriously.

Foodies everywhere are going nuts for these things, apparently. I just think they'd make my mashed taters look weird.


evandebacle said...

Never fear. You can still get earthbound purple potatoes.


Of course, they are from the Andes, where aliens have long been suspected of communing with the Inca.

Shannon said...

God intended the pototo to be potato-colored.

Mu said...

Don't mess with my spuds. Clearly this is a communist plot. "Mutated." Yeah - right. They clearly mess with my precious bodily fluids...