My commute is about to get even MORE aggravating.

On February 9, a federal judge denied Jesse White's motion to overturn a ruling allowing "Choose Life" to be a slogan on license plates, claiming it would go against free speech. Well, I'm not against free speech, but I certainly believe there should be a pro-choice equivalent!

No matter! I'll simply make a healthy donation directly to Planned Parenthood and eliminate the middle man. If anything, these plates will make me more generous to pro-choice interests. I'll donate $5 to PP Every. Time. I see one. I don't know exactly how much money Choose Life Illinois will be making from each of these plates, but if I see the same cars on the way to and from work every day, I'll out-donate 'em in no time.

I am NOT happy that I'll be seeing such a political, morally devisive license plate on the road - ESPECIALLY since we don't have a simple, ORANGE!!!, "Pro Choice" counterpart. Actually, I'm thinking more a soft, calming blue....

I am of the mind that moral opinions like this should be restricted to bumper stickers on both sides, but it seems that choice (choice of term deliberate) has been taken away from me. Could I be reacting from the fear that our country is tilting dangerously to the right on the issue of abortion?

Hell yes.

KUDOS to Jesse White for trying to overturn this ruling. I am NOT looking forward to seeing these license plates on the road, but at least I know he tried to prevent it.


Shannon said...

I'm with you - I mean, while we're at it, why not have "GOP" and "Democrat" license plates? Or "End the War in Iraq" license plates? Maybe we should have had "Impeach Clinton" plates back in the day?

My big consolation is that the people buying these plates are giving way more money to the state than they are to their cause. They are, in effect, allowing themselves to be taxed for their beliefs. The most effecient strategy would actually be to give the cost of the new plate to "the cause" and slap a free bumper sticker on their cars.

evandebacle said...

I'm going to play Devil's advocate for a second. Granted, this is the most divisive issue in America, but it's not like there are others out there that stir people up and are also on plates. Environmental issues are one sort. If we assume for a moment that the sponsors of the plate are actually a pro-adoption agency and not merely a front for abortion bombers, is there really a major difference?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

First of all, I don't think that the money raised by these plates will go to abortion clinic bombers. The money (after the state takes it's share) will go to Choose Life, who promises to give the money to adoption services.


I do NOT have a problem with adoption, obviously, but I am not convinced that this money will go only to helping women looking to have their child put up for adoption.

I have NO PROBLEM with women finding out their options, and I applaud people who try to help when a woman decides to carry a baby to term, but I believe places like Planned Parenthood do an excellent job of taking care of women whether they decide to carry a baby to term or not, and they are NOT JUDGEMENTAL. They do not coerce women in the way that pro-life sponsored "pregnancy crisis centers" do. My fear, my GREATEST fear, is that some of this money will be used to fund these centers where there is no medical staff on site, videos in the waiting room playing of aborted fetuses and women crying hysterically over the "terrible decision" they've made, and pro-life propaganda on every surface.

Choose Life says the money is going to go to "adoption services", but that is a VERY LOOSE TERM. Give me some recipients'/organizations' names. Until this plate, no issue printed on a license plate has been so divisive - "Prevent Violence", "Education", "Firefighter's Memorial", "Breast Cancer Awareness", "Environmental", "Alpha Phi Alpha" "Loyola University" - none of these. Unless you went to DePaul.

I just read the update from legal counsel - Two of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Jesse White are directors of a crisis pregnancy center in Waukegan.
So yeah! I'll be donating $5 directly to PP every time I see one of these plates.

Shannon said...

Dear Devil's Advocate...

For my 2 cents, specialty plates should only exist to help the state fund programs that might otherwise get short-changed: "environmental" plates ought to raise $ for state parks and the like. If the "choose life" plates were going to give $ to the state to run better foster homes, I wouldn't have nearly the problem. The state is inherently condoning a position by allowing some plates and not others and it shouldn't be the state's right to do that. IMO.

Regardless, now that the courts have ruled this a mater of free speech, there shouldn't be an impediment to "protect choice" plates. Right? Oh, wait, I'm being naive again...

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I have ACLU backing my desire for a pro-choice license plate!:


"...while we're at it, why not have "GOP" and "Democrat" license plates? Or "End the War in Iraq" license plates?"

Texas actually has an impressive selection of specialty plates, including "fight terrorism" and "united we stand"

Florida, who carries the Choose LIfe plate, also carries a "Family First" plate - a LOT of family plates actually, and two of my favorites - an "Imagine" plate and a "share the road" plate: