Our offices are CLOSED today! Because of the ominous weather forecasts, were told as we were leaving work last night to call in after 6:30AM this morning to find out if we'd be open. Things looked pretty decent here in Lincoln Square so I started my day as usual, not allowing myself to hope for anything more then being allowed to leave early if things got bad later on today. I actually had to call the main line TWICE because I couldn't BELIEVE that I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK TODAY! Oh, JOY!!!

It really has started to look nasty outside, and I'm sure it's far worse 20 miles north. Aethelred is FASCINATED by the snow blowing outside the window. He's on the windowsill trying to follow individual flakes as they descend, his head whipping about wildly. Looks a bit like a heavy metal groupie.

I have my pot of coffee, two cooooooooooooozzzzyyyy cats, a bunch of half-started blog entries to finish, three books that I'm within a chapter or two of finishing, and a jasmine plant that needs some TLC....HEEEEEEYYYY! Where's Shannon?!?!?! If you leave early, say, NOW, you'll be home by 9AM!


Matt Stratton said...

Sadly, we do not have a snow day today. Although if I'd had my laptop at home (and not scheduled to go to the gym today), I would totally have worked from home.

It took Carrie several hours to get to work today (she works in Oakbrook). She's just going to spend the night at her folks' house in Wheaton.

According to my sister, classes at UIUC were canceled today too.

rev transit said...

When I first got to Chicago, I asked one of the oldtimes-- a guy with 27 years here-- how bad the snow has to get before they shut down the Univ. He said he couldn't remember that ever happening.

Maybe Aethelred wants to go out in that Maine-like snow.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Apparently this is the first snow day that's been called since at LEAST 1998. May have something to do with our new director being from the southernmost Carolina state, but I'm SO not complaining! My last job gave us up to 3 snow days a year, and if we didn't use all of them, we got a free-day some time in the spring.

Last time it snowed it took me 3 hours to get to work (20 miles north) and the visibility got worse. And worse. And worse every mile - especially after 41 split from the 94. So though things don't look too bad here, I have a feeling they're downright nasty in Deerfield.

Budica and Aethelred definitely look like they want to go outside and play with the neighborhood kids who got the day offa school.

evandebacle said...

Ah, man! We totally should've had lunch!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Aww, man, Peepster! I didn't know you were off until I saw that picture of Iggy looking out the window longingly in the direction of our two tasty kitties!