What I Will Currently Be Reading As Soon As I Finish Writing Chapter 1

So a few months back I made a deal with myself and with Shannon. I can't buy any new books until I've done two things:

1) Read three of the books we already have, and
2) Write a chapter of my own book.

Well, I've read three books and have four more well underway. I just have to start writing Which really shouldn't be hard once I get started, seeing as I already have quite a bit written -the written part's just not all that organized. Yet.

In addition, I have the greater part of the outline done. I just have to put pen to paper, or, um, fingertips to keyboard.

I have a reason to get cracking on writing that chapter in my book immediately: I found out that a book has been published that I absolutely must buy in order that I may read it. It's The Pedagogue: Educating Montana by Charley Roll, the father of one David Roll, aka Droll, who was one of the reasons I stayed at my last job so long.

Charley passed away before he saw his book published, but David perservered and finally succeeded in getting it published through Infinity Publishing. Now, I don't normally like to buy books with words in the title that I have to look up in an online dictionary, but if Charley was half as funny as his son David, and I assume David must have gotten it from someone, I have to read this book.

Thank you, droll, for letting me know it's been published! I look forward to reading it, and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying your retirement. Again. Dang, I miss those committee meetings!! I hope you're keeping everyone in line!

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