Y'Know, I Really Didn't Get the Whole "Car Fetish" Thing....

Until now.

Peepster's got food porn on his site, my friends, I give you car porn.

Meet the Ferrari Ascari:

The Lamborghini (I BELIEVE this is the) Murcielago:

My all-time favorite automobile, even though it was NEVER produced in ORANGE!!! (until I get a hold of one! Bwah-hahahaha!): The Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe.

And THIS wonderful car was discontinued for reasons far beyond me: the Honda del Sol. I did see an ORANGE!!! custom job in San Antonio and it was beee-yoo-tifull!


Shannon said...

Honey, I love you...but don't expect a Ferrari for your birthday. ;)

evandebacle said...

I'm not saying that this car porn simply caters to prurient interests, but I'm sure it gets someone's internal combustion engine a-firin'.