You Know, Sometimes I Really Wish I Believed In Hell.

Then at least I could believe that this man, Paul E Cortez, (and his three monstrous "friends") would be taken care of in ways I can't even imagine after they died.

I don't have the words. I realize that a rape occurs on average every 2&1/2 minutes, just in the States, maybe it occurs more or less often in other countries, but you can only wrap your brain around so much. A case like this, for example. The horror of it. The terror that child, a CHILD, must have felt and the helplessness her family must have felt. I cannot describe the anger and powerlessness this sort of news makes me feel.

He was sentenced to 100 years, but he's up for parole in 10. At least he was held accountable. I hope the other three are as well.

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