300, Three-Schmundred! I've Seen This Before.

Shannon and I went to see the movie 300, which was really entertaining (even Aethelred liked it!), but when the Spartans were yelling and chanting and looking all huge and scary-ass, I was smiling to myself thinking, "I've seen this before." It's called the Haka.

I love the blade across the throat move. Nothing subtle about that!
At dinner last night we got to talking about sports - loyalties and such - and it struck me once again that though I really don't understand what's going on half the time, I really love rugby. Especially New Zealand All Blacks rugby. Before I die, I want to see an All Blacks game in New Zealand. I was introduced to a bunch of (mainly second string) All Blacks at a bar in Headington (the White Horse) in 1999, but I never saw a live game. I did get hooked on watching them on tellie at the pub, though! Watching Lomu or Tana live would have been an experience. They were scary enough on tellie!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a terrible sports fan. I enjoy watching tennis, but I have no idea how one manages to get into Wimbledon. I fall asleep during golf and baseball, but I still claim to be a Red Sox fan. I like it when they do well, and feel sad when they lose, but don't ask me what an RBI is, or what they call the guy way out on the green stuff who never really gets to catch a ball so much as fling himself against the back wall when the batter hits a touchdown. Maybe he's called the "wall smacker."

See if you can spot Lomu and Tana in this video.

Here are some links to more Haka videos. I recommend viewing one before you have to make a stand, do a presentation before a crowd you know will be difficult, defend a belief, ask your boss for a raise, or tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you can't move in with them until they dispose of all of their bean bag furniture.

If you REALLY want to make a statement, or have a wedding coming up (Laura? Matt?) and want to have the most unique first dance EVER, you can even
learn to Haka yourself. I don't understand why you two aren't asking me for more wedding advice. For serious.

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Shannon said...

Wow! I really wish we'd done the Haka at our wedding! DAMN! Opportunity missed.