Bargain Find of the CENTURY!

Hey, it's only 7 years in. We can say this is indeed the bargain of the century.

I've wanted a vacuum for a while, since my awesome little blue Kenmore Canister vac went kaput on me almost 3 years ago, so periodically I'd halfheartedly check on CraigsList for a replacement Kenmore canister or a Hoover Duros. I'd check the Dyson listings for giggles, but I stopped laughing when I read these 8 little words:

"Dyson DC-14 Animal in need of some repair - $50"

The cheapest Dyson I'd seen before this on CraigsList was $275. Used. The DC-14 Animal retails for like $550. Added perque: The DC-14 animal is, in my mind, the ultimate vacuum. If I had $600 to spend on a vac, it was the vac I'd have spent it on. It's excellent for us allergy/asthma sufferers, it's highly rated by Consumer Reports, it's bagless, it has a cool Webbernet site that shows you exactly how to use all the features, and, best of all:

it's purple.

Holy crap.

I e-mailed the seller immediately fully exp
ecting to be told it had been snatched up within seconds of the posting, and that s/he was sorry the listing hadn't been removed yet, did I want the DustBuster they were selling instead? I wondered vaguely what could be wrong with it for the seller to be asking only $50, but figured it would be worth fixing if it was in bad shape. Even if I had to pay $100 on repairs, I'd still be coming out WAY ahead.

The seller wrote back to say the rollers weren't working properly, but everything else was fine. We have hardwood floors, so I wouldn't have been using the rollers anyway, so I'm starting to think this thing is like custom made for us. I MIGHT not even have to fix it up! But I called Dyson j
ust in case to find out where a recommended dealer was. There's one in Evanston called AA Moley's "Like 'Holey Moley.' HA!" Inc.

I picked the vacuum up from the selle
rs last Wednesday, and it looked like it needed a bit of a cleaning, but otherwise it looked fine. They pointed out the broken roller, but said that otherwise it worked great. They'd brought it out to my car, so I hadn't been able to test it, but I was okay with that. They also gave me a huge bag full of attachments and instruction booklets

I didn't get to test it until that Saturday after I alerted Shannon to the fact that I had bought a vacuum (he HATES vacuums, and I wanted to pick the right moment to tell him I'd bought one, like, maybe a moment when I was on my way out the door to catch a cab to go to the airport where I'd be flown to somewhere very distant for, say, 3-4 weeks or something). He took it well once I explained I mainly wanted it for the furniture and hard-to-reach pet hair-catching spaces like along the floorboards under the bed and on the backs of my black suit pants.

side from the vacuum being a bit stinky from not being cleaned, it worked perfectly. I cleaned it up, vacuumed up some baking soda to kill the lingering post-cleaning icky smell, and VOILA! I have a perfectly good, odor-free Dyson.

I haven't named it yet, but I have listed it as a primary beneficiary for my pension along with Aethelred, Budica, and Shannon.


Matt Stratton said...

Carrie is going to kill you. We're dying for this vacuum...grr!

Rev Transit said...

You know, the best time to vacuum is when football is on the TV.

Shannon said...

Fortunately, we don't get football on the TV.

Jo-jo, in a very non-buddhist way, is enormously attached to this vacuum. That, of course, gives me power. "Jo, could you bring me some hot chocolate? I'd hate to see anything happen to your Dyson - I might spill hot chocolate directly in the motor if I have to get it!"

Rev Transit said...

Well, she needs to get you a TV so she run the vacuum during football games. What's the point of vacuuming if you can't ruin football?

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I checked for Dyson Animales again and found this one in Wrigleyville:


First off, mine came with MORE accessories than those shown and second, $495?? For a used vac? You've GOT to be kidding. I'll keep an eye out, though.

For $10 less than what I paid you can get this brand-spanking new Dyson!


Please don't let Carrie hurt me.

We have a TV, but no cable hookup. I guess we could rent old games off of Netflix..Like the '86 Superbowl! GO BEARS!!! I could watch the Bears win EVERY SUNDAY. HEY! If I did that then Shannon would vacuum! Bonus!

Too bad I don't have enough room in my Netflix queue.

Butternugget said...

I got a Dyson for Christmas from my parents, I didn't expect it and hadn't asked for it. But, I love it! It was like an infomercial the first time I used it. I couldn't believe how much was getting sucked into that crystal clear container.

I thought I kept my rugs and surrounding areas of hard wood pretty clean, boy was I wrong.

For years I used a tiny Hello Kitty vacuum, which I thought was great for an apartment with hardwood floors and then the simple yet awesome Swiffer.

Now I see the light, or rather the filth that was hiding from Hello Kitty and Swiffer.

And it does a wonderful job with fluffy bunny fur and bits of hay.