Men Report Seeing Orange-Clad Visions in Jerusalem

More men report a desire to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem this year as Hooters opens their newest restaurant in Tel Aviv.

"I totally thanked God when our waitress Kathy bent over the table to served me my Coke and fried pickles at the Hooters in Little Rock." said Stanley Harmon of Pettus, Arkansas who surprised his family this week by announcing his decision to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem despite having been to church only 3 times in his life. "It was a really religious experience. I figure, if I felt that spiritual or whatever in Little Rock, well, that must be peanuts to how thankful I'd feel if I were experiencing the same thing in Jerusalem! So I've booked my tickets for August."

Kathy, pictured in center.
"No! It's the wings! They have the best buffalo wings EVER! For serious!"

Jerusalem is considered by three religions to be the holiest of cities, "the place where heaven and earth meet."

Heaven Van Craenenbroeck, meet earth.

As much as I love the orange shorts, I could never wear this uniform, unless I was able to make some modifications. I'd keep the tank, but the shorts would have to be lengthened a bit to accomodate my pear-shaped self:

Hey! They're still orange and shiny!


Rev Transit said...

Of course, I'm a big fan of Hooters. Their fried seafood is inexpensive and every time I've gone the waitresses have been very attentive.

The orange shorts are not very comfortable, as I reported here: http://alwaysintransit.typepad.com/always_in_transit/2005/06/stormy_weather.html

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Hooters gets some awesome food/service reviews. I've never been, but I'd love to try their wings. I don't know if I'll be brave enough to try the deep-fried pickle though.