OrangeMoJoJo Has FINALLY Been Published!

in Time Out Chicago magazine!

Okay, so it's only a reader comment, but it's the reader comment of the WEEK! There are only 52 of those a YEAR! 52! What are the ODDS??

Time Out had done a "lists" issue where the listed the "Top Five/Ten _____" in Chicago - one of which was "teen movies filmed in." It listed movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off (of course!) and The Breakfast Club (awesome!), but also included such "smash" hits as Adventures in Babysitting. I was outraged! Where was Wayne's World? Where was THE BLUES BROTHERS?? They listed Adventures in Babysitting but not The Blues Brothers? I realized they specified "teen" movies, but how many of us Chicagoans hadn't memorized The Blues Brothers by the age of 15?

Elwood: "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."
Jake: "Hit it."

heh heh heh!

Besides, the car chase was filmed 4 blocks from the house I grew up in, and they were finally pulled over by the cop with S.C.M.O.D.S. in front of a house on Gillick Street. I made a point of walking past that house on nearly all of my daily walks simply because of that fact.

I decided to write a letter to the editor just to give them a giggle, and I copied Shannon to make him smile at what a dork his wife is. Here's what I wrote:

"I LOVE your magazine, first off, so you can imagine the sense of betrayal I felt when you failed to list THE BLUES BROTHERS among the best EVER Chicago movies. Three orange whips to the ass of whomever forgot to list the most quotable movie ever filmed in Chicago. I think you should send me to one of the spas on your list for a full day of treatments to help me recover from this traumatic experience."

I heard a few days later that they actually wanted to print my letter. I was pretty tickled. If this is how it felt to have a letter to the editor printed, methought to myself, I can't imagine how awesome it's going to feel when my BOOK gets published! Then, last Wednesday, I found out that it actually won "Letter of the Week", so I get to choose a cool Time Out guidebook to the city of my choice (no, no spa treatments)! I chose Graz . I have family there, Shannon studied there - it's the perfect excuse to finally plan that trip to Austria.

I am way too proud of myself right now. Not only did I get my letter published, but I got the words "orange" and "ass" published, too!

"You! In front of that computer! OrangeMoJoJo's been published!"

I'm totally adding this to my resume, and I'm going to frame the printed letter in an ornate frame and hang it in my office where others have hung their doctorate degrees.

Now that I have a taste of accomplishment, I had better start working on my book, especially since I bought a book last Saturday on "credit" (I can't read it until I finish writing a chapter).

Oh! And Quantum Leap fans: the day after the edition in which my letter appeared arrived, Shannon and I watched the episode of Quantum Leap where Sam leapt into the backup singer who had to keep her friend from running away. There was a definite "I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!! THE BAND!!! THE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!" moment in the Baptist church during the episode when, during a very energetic Sunday service with all kinds of animated singing and dancing going on, Sam tells Al he's convinced he's leapt there to make sure the preacher's daughter at least gets a chance to make a career of singing.

And incidentally, this episode took also place in Chicago. I wonder why IT wasn't listed on Time Out's so-called "Best Of" list! Hrmph! (Okay, I'll admit I'm still trying to score at least a pedicure here).

"I have seen the light! Get published!! GET PUBLISHED!!! Get off your ass and write your book!!!"

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Shannon said...

My wonderful wife is SUCH a dork! I wouldn't have married anyone else.

I really DO hope you hang the letter in your office. And when you get your PhD, I hope you STILL hang the letter over your PhD.