Please Keep Trinity's Beloved Bipeds In Your Thoughts Today

as they are grieving dearly.

My dear friends lost their beloved dog and family member Trinity last to cardiac arrest following open heart surgery. She had been born with a condition in which the valve on one side of her heart was too narrow, causing the muscles on that side to pump much harder. Her vet assured them that correcting this malformation was a routine procedure with a 90% success rate. Unfortunately, when they opened her chest, they found a seriously clogged artery that had to be cleared before they could proceed in fixing the narrowed valve, and the outcome was not as certain. They had to decide on the spot to move forward with both procedures. Though she came through the surgery okay, she suffered cardiac arrest last night and passed away.

Please remember that the surgery was absolutely necessary, and you made the right decision. I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful, sweet dog and you took the most wonderful care of her.

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