For ButterNugget

Yesterday I posted a comment on Peepster's blog where I referred to the album Under Wraps expecting nobody would know what the hell I was talking about. (Not a new experience for me, BTW.)

ButterNugget knew! *wipes away a tear!*

In my darker days as a child I'd imagine he'd suffocate.

Under Wraps, Shaun Cassidy's third album, was my favorite album from the time it was released in 1978 until I discovered Michael Jackson in 1982. It sported such hits as....um...okay, it didn't sport any hits, his first (self titled) album was the one that sported his hits, like, um....OH! "Da Doo Ron Ron Ron!", but when he sang "It's Like Heaven" off of Under Wraps I knew envisioned him singing to me while we wandered through a sunlit flowery field, plotting new and clever ways to terrorize my little brother without my parents ever suspecting I was in any way involved because he'd totally take the Wrap because he was so totally awesome. What a guy! *SWOOOON!*

Totally Swoonworthy to an 8-year-old!
But he never responded to my letters.

If I'd been in on the Infamous Naming of the Flying Buttresses fiasco, I might have suggested naming our troupe The Shaun Cassidy FanClub. Thankfully, it would have been taken off the table pretty early on seeing as there is already an improv troupe by this name in OsWEEEEEEEgo, NY.

They're not really fans though. Under history they write:

1958 - Shaun Cassidy is born on September 27th in Los Angeles, CA. David Cassidy is pissed.

phhhsssshhhh!YEAH! Like, how could David have been pissed? He wasn't even BORN yet! Was he pissed in baby-to-be-born LIMBO??? Shaun's the oldest of the three, morons! Maybe you should change your names to "Shaun Cassidy's Fan Club Is A Really Cool Name For An Improv Troupe And We're Taking It Even Though We Really Don't Know The First Thing About Him Except That He Has A Brother Named David."

"..but not later than David because I'm the OLDEST!"


Shannon said...

Whoa. That rant against the improv troupe was worthy indeed. *respect*

Rev Transit said...

Well much like most Shannon-rants, this one is also wrong, wrong, wrong.

David Cassidy was born in 1950. Shaun Cassidy was born in 1958. Check out Wikipedia and hold your heads in shame.

Rev Transit said...

Shaun Cassidy was my sister's (the Whirling Dervish's) major heart-throb, right up there with the Bay City Rollers.

I sympathize with Jo's siblings, who I'm sure were entertained long and hard by Shaun's vapid music-- as was I as a child. This exposure, in fact, is my main excuse for torturing my sister when we were children.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

You mean this Wikipedia?


"The eldest of Broadway entertainer Jack Cassidy's and actress Shirley Jones's three sons, Cassidy was inspired by the success of his half-brother David Cassidy of TV's The Partridge Family. He went to Beverly Hills High School."

DAMN! I THOUGHT David was older, but when I read that I got confused and thought I was mistaken. Stupid his being a half-brother!!

What a waste of a good rant. I think I'll make that up by ranting about Wikipedia. When I regain some steam.

So, okay, You can keep the name "Shaun Cassidy's Fan Club," and please accept my apologies for not looking up them birthdates. Looks like I'm going to be eating lots of crow this weekend! Good thing it's Easter cuz I can eat it FRIED on Sunday! Lent is ALMOST OVER!! YAYAYAYAYAY! EVERYTHING tastes better fried! (o:

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Why does Shaun Cassidy look more and more like Mark Hamill as he ages? Is it the same equation that makes Tom Petty sound more and more like Bob Dylan?

evandebacle said...

"Under Wraps" is also a Jethro Tull album. I would've gotten that reference.

Butternugget said...

*Sniff* I am so touched, and pleased. It has been so very long since I’ve heard a reference to Under Wraps.

I’m sort of waiting to find out that OrangeMojojo is secretly half Korean and born in a Naval base hospital where there was some bizarre experiment on babies that involved implanting babies with sets of memories and musical preferences (I was born in a Naval hospital but there was no experiment, that I know of).

I just wish I knew where my Shaun Cassidy necklace was, I’m sure it is in amongst all the boxes of crap that my parents still have at their house. It is a picture of Shawn under a bubble of some kind of plastic resign. It looked awesome with my Shaun Cassidy t-shirt (light blue with his photo surrounded by silver glitter border). I wore that combo to the roller rink a lot, and it was totally hot.

Anyway, now that I have Da Do Ron Ron in my head I will go reminisce on my own.