Bou-tie, No-Legs Kittie!

"Carry me!"

Seems to me Ms. Bou (note correct spelling, StealthPharmacist!) is warming to the idea of being pushed around in a Kittie Pram! Look how she's hiding all four of her legs as if to say, "I can't walk! Help me! Carry me! Buy me a cool ORANGE!!! deluxe kitty stroller with a cup holder on the left side of push bar for my MommyBiped's venti skim raspberry mocha and push me round Lincoln Square! Take me to the park! Get me the hell away from Aethelred! PLEASE!!!!"

This would be the approximate colour stroller Bou is looking for, but it would need to be enclosed so if her feet magically do grow back, she can't claw the hell out of Mommy Biped. I'm thinking, like, maybe the enclosure could be made from the material shark cages are made from, but with the slats a wee bit closer together.