Congratulations Kevin and LaLa Bloss!!

Laura, Kevin and Mastadon

I had the distinct honor of standing up for my friend Laura's wedding on Sunday. Thanks to Shannon for taking pictures!! (he stopped after the ceremony and before the reception when he got down to 88 photos left....

There were about 500 when he'd started shooting.)

It was a GORGEOUS day!! The only glitch occurred when wedding party started down the aisle to the sound of ABBA's "Dancing Queen." The music started skipping! Thinking quickly, Karma thought up the most effective distraction she possibly could...

She pooped!

Good Karma!! (o;

While snapping away after the wedding, Shannon commented that Laura has a really beautiful, natural smile.

She really does!

Is that a 'too....? Brides with 'toos ROCK!

The reverend who presided did a really nice job incorporating his own words with the couples' personalized requests. He was enthusiastic and excited throughout the ceremony. Weddings are definitely his favorite part of the job!

After the ceremony Laura and Kevin were introduced as HUSBAND AND WIFE!! WOOHOO!! as they walked back up the aisle to ABBA's "I Do."

Kevin, Laura, Karma, and Fernando
(why yes! He IS named after the ABBA song! (o:)

The reception was lovely, the people we sat with were way cool and very fun, and the food was awesome.

Last check, Laura hadn't taken off her dress yet. She was doing dishes in it after the wedding.

She MAY be wearing it still yet....

Partners in business....

To partners for life!


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