For Butternugget!

Thanks to Mu to introducing me to this Dr. Who spoof!

OrangeBlog presents:

The Curse of the Fatal Death!

BONUS! Orbital's version of Dr. Who Theme Song
(start at about 1:04)

Happy Friday!!

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Butternugget said...

Sorry, I was a little behind on my reading...

That was fantastic, and what a cast! Dalek bumps...next time I make out with a big sci-fi dork I'll have to remember that one.

Speaking of the Doctor Who theme song, don't forget the Time Lords (aka KLF) snazy and catchy song with awesome video, Doctorin' The Tardis. With with a little help from Garry Glitter that song is positively infectious. I will totally dance to this if they play it at NEO.


Speaking of which...I need to email you about that.