Jesse White Updates His Webbernet Site!

CONGRATULATIONS to the State of Illinois for updating their license plate search engine! I remember back in the day when I had to fill out a form with my three top choices and mail it in, then wait a month or so to hear back to find that I really wasn't all that original - all three of my plates had already been taken, so I had to start all over again and hope that I wasn't repeating a query on a plate I'd submitted already in a previous mailing.

Now it takes only seconds!

Hmmmm...could be a problem, though. I mean, what if you decide to get "UBRBTCH," then change your mind week later, having attended a course on personal development where you discovered you were really a kind and sensitive, gentle girly-girl? It's like getting a tattoo then changing your mind - just as expensive, but less permanent, and not nearly as painful. So I guess it's not really like getting a tattoo at all....

Let's see.....

"BDR 529" is already taken. DRAT! So is "ORNGWHP." BASTARDS! hmmmm... "BASTRDS" is available! Awesome!

BDR 529

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Rev Transit said...

I bet you could get JORANGE