On the Irony!

As you can see, I'm trying to make up for the silence of the past coupla two-tree weeks. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything since before NY! I'll have some NY stuff for you soon, but I wanted to clear some of the quicker bloglets out first. Like this one!

As much as I love the color orange, I'm not terribly fond of the taste, so trying the new Starbucks Orange Mocha isn't high on my list of stuff to do. I imagine it tastes very sweet and syrupy, UNLIKE my favorite mocha of all time: The Dante at Cafe Express in Evanston. They make a mocha and squeeze halfuva mandarin orange into it. YUM!!!!

I'm not interested in trying Green and Black's Organic Chocolate & Orange ice cream, either, but if anyone wants to eat a pint and send me the empty (preferably clean) container, I'd totally use it to hide my stuff!

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Shannon said...

Soo...what "stuff" are you hiding? And from whom? What? No reason...just curious...