Peg Legs Bou!

Aethelred had some pretty big words to say about Bou after getting all high on all things pirate on Monday.

"Well I do wear a big girl's blouse, so I guess that's true," she said, "but I really hate it when that pathetic little excuse for cabin boy steals my treats! No matter though. I'm just biding my time. You see, I have a plan. First, I'm going to cozy up to him so he thinks I really do consider him cap'n of the bipeds' lair. That's the easy bit. He thinks he's sooooooooooooooooooooo cute, and that may be. But I. Am immune. To cute."

"I had the idea about a year ago, when Pirates of the Caribbean II came out, and I've been carefully plotting ever since. Every second that little powder monkey is up front entertaining the bipeds with his cuteness, I'm plotting a mutiny. I have spent every spare minute in the ferret cage trying to prove to them that I was one of them: a stinky, spastic, fun-loving, heathen of a ferret, and that we were in this together. He was too busy being cute to pay any mind to his crew, and that will prove to be his downfall!"

"Ha. Ha ha. Hahahaha! HAHA! MWAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahe *heheckheckheckHORK!!!* Stupid hair balls!"

"My plan is almost complete. I've taught Umberto, who insists on being called "Grace O'Malley" how to free himself of the cage Aethelred's imprisoned them in. I only hope Umber, erm, Grace, can wait until the appointed time. Ferrets are not long on patience."

"It took me all morning, but I've sawed off my front legs so the purple-headed orange-clad biped takes pity on me and brings me out for a "walk" in one of those ridiculous pet strollers. Seriously, I wish she'd freaking have a kid already. I can only stomach so much coddleing. Anyway, while I'm out, Umberto-Grace and Max (who, by the way, insists on being called "Max") will have carried out my plan. I hope."

"I also hope that UPS gets here with my peg-legs before the bipeds get home, or they'll know that's something's apaw!"

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Shannon said...

Bou - did you know you biped was a bit...odd?