Putting the "CLASS!" Back in Class Action!

It takes alot for a divorce lawyer to be referred to as "disgusting" and "unconscionable" by her peers, but Corrie Fetman is basking in the glow of this "praise," considering it poorly veiled envy.

She used my friend Unethical Marketing to try and drum up business for her firm. Well, she certainly caught the attention of not only local Chicagoans, but the world with her inspired ad.

"Law firm advertising is boring…Everything's always the same. It's lawyers in libraries with a suit on and the law books behind them. They don't say anything. What, I should hire you because you have a law degree? C'mon. So we wanted to try something different."

Here's the "different" ad she came up with and had put up near Viagra Triangle near Chicago's Gold Coast:

Sooooooooooo......divorce is funny and cute and trivial and marriage should be taken lightly? As if divorce lawyers didn't have a bad enough name as it is! She's upped the bar! (pun intended)

It's been taken down since this photo was taken. Not by Fetman and associates, but by Chicago city workers.

Needless to say, Ms. Fetman describes herself as "happily divorced."


evandebacle said...

Whatever. You just used boobs to drum up readership for your blog.

p.s. My GF is very smart.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

"You just used boobs to drum up readership for your blog.".

Hey, whatever it takes!

My husband is a very warm and caring person.

Shannon said...

I'd read about this ad. Unreal.

I'm warm and caring? But it's not football season!