Rash of Celebrity Arrests!

Hugh Grant was arrested for tossing beans on the paparazzi.
Brazilian bean farmers are burning effigies in protest.

So, Yes! I hate being stalked and harassed 24 hours a day. You caught me.

Richard Gere is wanted in India where he faces up to three months in jail for smooching Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.
Several effigies of him have been burned in India (this effigy burning's for serious).

"I think I'll just sit here sip my mocha until this thing blows over."

Boy George was arrested for kidnapping and imprisonment. He'd invited a 28-year-old man to come over and pose for photographs, but when the man arrived, George and another man grabbed him and chained him up.

Suddenly the lyrics to "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" take on a whole new meaning...

Finally, World's Cutest Kitten Aethelred was spritzed this morning when he jumped up on the kitchen counter after several stern warnings.

"Get that camera outta my FACE, Biped, or I'm going to go totally Sean Penn on your ass!"

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