*FRET!* NOW Where Will We Go For Fois Gras??

In addition to Meyer's Delicatessen closing, Le Francais, another culinary institution, quietly closed it's doors for good (they'd closed once before to change owners, then again to change back to the original owners, but this time they mean it. For real. Or, to quote Shrek: Really really.)

The food there was stunning. Exquisite. Thankfully, the northwest suburbs still has Carlos' in Highwood. The food at Carlos' is just as good as Le Francais, and the atmosphere, IMO, a little bit better. Less "stuffy."

New Zealand John Dory and Scallop Mousse Roulade with Hawaiian Shrimp,
Fiddlehead Ferns, Grilled Ramps and a Sorrel Cream Reduction at Carlos'.

Tres yum!

I'd always wanted to take pictures of the meals I've had at Carlos' and Le Francais - they're beautifully presented, but always felt a bit odd/tacky about doing so. So when a committee member from Hawaii fretted over whether it would be rude to whip out his cell phone to take a pic of his food, I quickly volunteered to take a picture of mine as well so we'd both be guilty. He wanted to send a pic to his wife of "what they serve at McDonald's here in Chicago." He tried softening the blow of not being able to bring her to our meetings by saying the food we served them was awful, that we always took them out to McDonald's or Subway. The night I took this pic she'd called him during dinner, and I heard him say, "Um, I'm at McDonald's with the committee. What am I having? Um, the McChilean Sea Bass."

Le Francais will be absolutely be missed from Wheeling, but Rick Tramonto's new Osteria di Tramonto (an atmosphere like Maggiano's but the food is even more awesome, and the sommalier is most helpful!) and Tramonto's Steak and Seafood (ask for the Candle Room for a large group of 15 or more. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! And Peepster - they have duck fries and fois gras. Your favorite ducky delights all in one place!) are located only a few blocks north of where Le Francais was - at the new Westin.

"You want my liver? You're dithpicable! Wha-WHY?? That'ssth, that'sth SICK! Besides, I'm still using it! And I'm so scrawny! Wouldn't you rather have a tasty, juicy rabbit liver instead??"


Shannon said...

Geez, I'm glad this place closed! Any restaurant that choses to have a giant porta-potty right outside should be closed!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I know! It's supposed to be fancy, right? But they have you walk through the porta potty to get inside. Even the Hackney's next door had a nicer entranceway!